Ptotic Breast Correction

Numerous causes may induce breast ptosis, most commonly the sagging and atrophy of the breasts resulting from pregnancy or breastfeeding. In many cases, it also occurs due to excessive weight loss, hormonal imbalance, macromastia, or congenital loose structure of breast tissues. Corrective surgery needs to be chosen according to the severity of ptosis.

Ptotic Breast Correction - Breast ptosis, front image

Breast ptosis, front image

Ptotic Breast Correction - Image of different grades of breast ptosis

Different grades of breast ptosis

Breast Ptosis Grade and the Corresponding Corrective Method

Grade Severity Symptoms Corrective Method
1 Mild The nipples are located in the middle of the breasts or in the middle of the lower half but slightly higher than the inframammary fold. Breast implant (augmentation mammoplasty)
2 Mild The nipples are located in the lower one-third of the breasts but still above the inframammary fold and have begun to point downward. Breast implants or areolar breast lift
3 Moderate The nipples are located at the level of or lower than the inframammary fold, with a worsened sagging angle. Breast implants + areolar breast lift (augmentation mastopexy)
4 Severe The breasts have completely sagged. The nipples are located at the lowest possible position, more than 3 cm away from the inframammary fold Breast reduction mastopexy