Accessory Breast

A real accessory breast consists of both fat and mammary glands and can be classified as mammary gland type or adipose type, depending on the ratio of the two tissues. The mammary gland type has a harder texture that is similar to that of real breasts. Occasionally, there would be a visible third nipple (accessory nipple). This type of accessory breast frequently becomes swollen or painful during menstruation. The best treatment is direct surgical excision. The adipose type is more common and sometimes misdiagnosed as pseudo-accessory breasts caused by obesity or axillary fat. Patients with this type of accessory breast usually have corpulent body types. The texture of the accessory breast is soft like fat. Axillary skin drooping or sagging are normally observed together. The problem can be effectively improved through accessory breast liposuction.

There are two methods to fix accessory breasts: Liposuction and Direct Excision:

Accessory Breast Liposuction

Direct Excision