The labia minora is located at the outermost vaginal opening and has acquired its name because of its shape, which is similar to the two flaps of the lips. It mainly functions to cover and protect the genitals, thus preventing bacteria or foreign bodies from entering the vagina and causing inflammation or infection. Nevertheless, because it is exposed at the genitals, the labia minora becomes hypertrophic due to tight clothes, lower extremity exercises, hormonal stimulus, sexual activities, or other outer force friction and is frequently accompanied by pigmentation or darkening. Additionally, as complications result due to abundant secretions of the sebaceous gland, labia minora hypertrophy frequently gives rise to abnormal odor or filth because of difficulty in cleaning. Therefore, labiaplasty is considered to improve the hygiene and beauty of the genitals. At present, WiSH clinic provides the following techniques of labiaplasty, and Dr. Chuang offers suggestions based on the patient’s labial size and requirements.

Edge Resection

Central Wedge Resection