Breast Liposuction

It is performed to treat “pseudogynecomastia” which is caused by obesity but not truly mammary gland hyperplasia. Male patients with abnormal breast enlargement due to fat accumulation or obesity mostly do not experience any symptoms and only have relatively protruded breasts such as females. Because majority of the breast is composed of fat, simple breast liposuction can be effective. A 3-mm incision is made at the periphery of the breast, and the same Ultra-Z ultrasonic machine is used to emulsify and suck the fat, creating an almost flat chest. A pressured chest bandge or spandex needs to be worn after surgery to prevent the loosening of chest skin.

Surgical conditions


  • Type of anesthesia: IV sedation + local anesthesia
  • Type of incision: Approximately 2–3-mm incisions around the breast
  • Recovery: Immediate
  • Removal of stitches: 5–7 days

General instructions

No food and water on the day of surgery

  • A pressed chest strap needs to be worn for 1 month postoperatively.
  • Weight on the chest or aggressive massage should be avoided for 3 months postoperatively.

Ideal candidates

  • Those with fatty breasts caused by obesity.
  • Those with pseudogynecomastia caused by breast fat accumulation.

Possible complications

  • Temporary breast lumps
  • Incomplete correction

Surgical advantages

  1. Small surgical incision and quick recovery.

  2. The surgery leaves only pinholes from liposuction and no scars.

  3. Minimal postoperative pain.

Surgical drawbacks

  1. Not effective for mammary gland-type breasts.

  2. It may relapse due to weight gain in the future.

  3. The result from liposuction may not be obvious.

Before & After

These photographs represent typical results, but not everyone who undergoes plastic surgery will achieve the same.

Breast Liposuction