What is Motiva Implant?

The Motiva® Implant is the latest generation of breast implant developed by Motiva®, a revolutionary implant of the next generation. Compared to the traditional cohesive silicone gel implants used for many years, it has the following advantages and features:

● Its touch is softer and more tangible, and it is not easy to touch the folding or rippling of the implant.
● Its density is close to the chest tissue, making it difficult to perceive or feel the foreign body sensation.
● With special breast implant surface technology, it effectively reduces the capsular contracture rate
● The implant is filled with a new generation of silicone material, which can flow with the body posture and produce different ergonomic effects
● The shell and content are integrally formed into a single structure, which provides extreme flexibility for implant insertion, and can minimize the surgical incision.
● It has an embedded nano wafer, providing product history and cloud tracking.

進一步認識Motiva魔滴假體: https://motiva.health/

In short, Motiva implant is a state-of-the-art silicone gel implant with identifications. It employs many innovative medical and material technologies to effectively improve the shortcomings of cohesive silicone gel implants in the past, such as rippling, folding, foreign body sensation, and the risk of capsular contracture. Therefore, in recent years in Europe, Japan South Korea and many other places, Motiva implant has become a trend, and even many women who have never considered breast augmentation joined the team of Motiva girls. You can see the quality and glamour of this new product!

At present, Motiva implant has passed the strict inspection and review by the TFDA, and can be officially applied to breast augmentation surgery, so that local patients with needs can also enjoy the high quality brought by Motiva implant. The authorized agent also offers the full range, including up to hundreds of implant style and size combinations. The agent also offers industry-leading after-sales warranty services, allowing physicians to select the most suitable Motiva implant for patients without worries, so as to create the perfect breast augmentation effect with both a good appearance and a good touch!

How does Motiva differ from others?

Motiva implant employs a lot of innovative key technologies, subverting the stereotype of traditional cohesive silicone gel. So how many secrets are there to have consumers ask to use Motiva implant even though they have to pay higher prices?

Silk-like surface

The shell surface of Motiva implant uses its exclusive nanotexturer technology. Although it belongs to the textured surface category, the surface is smoother and finer than traditional cohesive silicone gel, and its touch is also silkily softer, which not only reduces the thickness of the capsule, but also makes rippling and folding less likely to be touched.

Ergonomic implant

Thanks to the original advanced progressive gel of the manufacturer, the content of this implant is denser and softer than traditional cohesive silicone gel. The new silicone gel has an ergonomic sense of flow, which enables the implant to change its shape with external factors such as body posture change and gravity. Therefore, although Motiva implant is of round type, when the person is in a standing posture, it also naturally transforms into a tear-drop shape, or an oval shape when the person is lying on the side. Therefore, it provides the aesthetics of a traditional anatomical implant in standing posture and the natural outcome of a round implant in lying posture, which makes it especially applicable to conservative and sleek oriental women.

Integral shell and content manufacturing process (TrueMonoblock)

Traditional cohesive silicone gel manufacturing technology is to inject the contents into the existing shell, so the silicone and outer shell have two different material densities, which is likely to result in poor touch of the implant, incorrect injection volume, and even foreign body sensation or rippling in the future. The new generation Motiva implant uses its exclusive integrated perfusion molding technology to give the contents and the outer shell an undistinguishable uniform touch and extremely flexible elasticity. Tests showed that it is 450% more ductile than traditional cohesive silicone gel. This feature not only makes the touch of Motiva implant same as breast tissue, but can also effectively shorten the surgical incision of the implant, so that mini-invasive surgery is no longer a dream!

Q inside safety technology

The quality and durability of an implant is the key to the safety of breast augmentation surgery. It is also the duty and responsibility that manufacturers should pay attention to. The production, distribution, and even the surgeons and institutions performing the surgery are the parts which the authentic manufactures attach great importance to. Therefore, each Motiva implant is embedded with a nano wafer chip of the size of a millet, which not only records various factory information of the implant (such as date, batch number, model, among others), allowing the authentic manufacturer to track the information about the implant after being unpacked, but also helps the authentic manufacturer provide 10-year product warranty and 2-year surgery (capsular) problem guarantee through post-operative wafer scanning and online registration. We hope that with the use of such cloud technology, the Motiva manufacturer can actually participate in the after-sales service of the breast augmentation, so as to provide consumers with a more secure breast augmentation experience!

How is the surgery performed?

In principle, the Motiva augmentation surgery is not much different from the traditional cohesive silicone gel breast augmentation. The implantation site can be selected from dual-plane, sub-pectoral or sub-fascial regions. All surgeries can adopt endoscopic assisted pocket dissection, and the implant can also be inserted optionally at transamillary, inframammary or around periareolar regions. However, if you study the surgical characteristics of Motiva implant, there are still some concepts different from cohesive sillicone augmentation:

The surgical dissection space must be a tight space

The silk surface of Motiva implant will gradually merge into the human body after being implanted, and a thin capsule with mucus lubrication will be developed. Therefore, in the surgery there is no need for large range of dissection as traditional cohesive silicone gel implantation requires. On the contrary, it is necessary to tailor the surgical boundary according to the size of the implant, otherwise it will easily lead to the sliding or laxity of the Motiva implant, leading to bottoming out or lateral spreading complication.

The surgical incision can be minimized (Mini-invasive)

Since Motiva implant has great elasticity and ductility, it can effectively reduce the difficulty of hand-implementation. So experienced doctors, such as Dr. Chuang, can shorten the wound to less than 2.5 cm, greatly reducing the visibility of post-operative scars. Many patients also choose inframammary implantation instead of the traditional transaxillary implantation which has longer recovery period and is more painful. Because inframammary implantation requires only minimally invasive incision, it can not only conceal the scars in the shadow of the skin folds under the breast, but also significantly reduce the pain and shorten the recovery period , significantly improving the quality of the breast augmentation surgery!

Exclusive pre-operative 3D simulation of Motiva surgery (MotivaImage)

In order to provide consumers with more accurate pre-operative simulation images, Motiva manufacturers have developed an exclusive 3D simulation instrument and software, which is used in top level solutions of Motiva breast augmentation. This Motiva Divina instrument has been improved from the Axisthree 3D simulation system currently used by WiSH Clinic, which has the styles and sizes of the full range of Motiva implant and is only used for patients of Motiva breast augmentation. Its simulation accuracy is extremely high, and it can help establish an exclusive and complete pre-operative and post-operative image file for each Motiva augmentation patient.

Motiva魔滴 Motiva

In response to the individual differences in human structure, Dr. Chuang suggests that patients must come to the clinic for face-to-face consultation and discuss the most appropriate surgical procedure. By doing so, and supplemented by the exclusive Motiva 3D simulation image as a reference, the patient can obtain multiple evaluations and achieve the most satisfying outcome they are looking forward to!

How to take care after surgery?

The nano-textured shell of the Motiva implant will gradually form a thin capsule around the implant within one month of implantation into the human body, and secrete lubricated tissue fluid to soften the touch of the breast. Therefore, any kind of breast massage during the recovery period of one month after surgery should be avoided. Otherwise, the formation and integrity of this protective film may be damaged, even leading to a positional displacement of the implant or a proliferation of the capsular tissue may in the future, which may in turn affect the softness of the breast. Basically, the implantation of the Motiva implant is a very easy operation. Besides the need for scar care, the patient does not need to do much breast massage work, which certainly helps avoid the pain and inconvenience of traditional breast augmentation massage, really relieving the psychological stress and anxiety of many patients, so that you can enjoy the quality of painless surgery. However, depending on the difference in skin tension and elasticity of each person, even though the patient can enjoy the massage-free benefit of the Motiva breast augmentation surgery, the patient should still wait patiently for more than 2-3 months, so that the breast tissue and the implant are completely integrated and the touch is soft and natural. The patient may also need to follow the doctor’s instructions, and wear a supportive bra to maintain the spatial position of the implant or to adjust the most perfect breast shape.

Dr. Chuang reminded that there are many differences in the material between Motiva implant and traditional cohesive silicone gel. The patient needs to cooperate with the doctor’s instructions to do the correct breast care during the three-month fusion period. Don’t worry or listen to rumors, and don’t even make unnecessary breast massage, or the effect of surgery may be discounted!

Who is suitable for Motiva breast augmentation?

In principle, as long as the patient is healthy and has no serious genetic or cardiovascular disease and history of breast disease, the patient should be able to take the Motiva breast augmentation surgery. However, depending on its design characteristics and advantages, Motiva implant is more applicable to the following types of patients to use:

Motiva implant doesn’t have easily perceived rippling or folding of the implant, which are shortcomings of traditional cohesive silicone gel implant. So Motiva implant is the preferred material for those with poor breast augmentation conditions.

The special integrated structure and high-tension silicone of Motiva implant make the touch uniform and soft after implantation, which can satisfy the high standard requirements of both breast enlargement and natural feel.

The ergonomic effect of the Motiva implant allows the breast to present different breast shapes when the patient changes the body posture, avoiding the disadvantage of the traditional implant being too spherical or firm when lying down. Applicable to patients who are seeking a natural outcome of breast augmentation.

Although Motiva implant is a round implant, the internal gel will present a natural tear-drop shape due to gravity, so it is suitable for patients taking mega breast augmentation (E cup or above) because it can effectively improve the visual defects such as over-filled chest or ball feel of traditional large-sized cohesive silicone gel.

The gel density of Motiva implant is similar to that of the natural breast tissue, and it can naturally expand when lying down, so it is not easy for the significant other to perceive the implant.

The silk surface of Motiva implant is micro-textured material, which can avoid the chronic friction or stimulation of the traditional macro-textured implants, which can cause the rarely seen malignant lymphoma lesions (ALCL). In addition, the capsular contracture rate of Motiva implant is also the least among all the implant materials according to medical literature statistics, which is lower than 5%.

The highly malleable nature of Motiva implant facilitates shorter incision manipulation and implantation, making it applicable to many patients who need to shorten or even hide the scar (eg. patients engaged in labor, performance work or exercise). It can shorten the period of wound care, no longer letting the scars affect the daily life or work!

Patients who have undergone breast augmentation surgery, and are dissatisfied with traditional cohesive silicone gel or saline-filled implants for its foreign body sensation, folding, rippling, ball feel, not easily concentrated expansion, and even the capsular contraction, among others, can do breast augmentation revision and replace with a Motiva implant, to achieve unprecedented experience and improvement.

The authentic manufacturer introduced the concept of after-sales warranty for Motiva implant, and in collaboration with WiSH clinic provides the free revision service for many post-operative problems. Such safety warranty, which pioneers in the industry, not only shows our confidence in the Motiva breast augmentation, but also allows consumers to obtain more specific postoperative care.

: Not only that our hospital’s Motiva breast augmentation has perfect pre-operative evaluation and cloud warranty mechanism, but we also specially established the Motiva pathway of great privacy. For consultation, 3D simulation, surgery, and post-operative follow-up procedures, patients will be separated from general augmentation surgery to enjoy fully protected privacy.

Although Motiva implant has many advantages, it does not mean that traditional cohesive silicone gel is useless. Dr. Chuang advises patients to correctly understand each breast augmentation material and discuss with the doctor to select the most suitable implant, so that they can enjoy the results of breast augmentation without worries!

Why is Motiva worth the high price?

The Motiva implant has been researched and developed by the authentic manufacturer with a lot of money and time, and has used many breakthrough material technologies. It is the world’s top and perfect breast implant, so it is not hard to understand why the operation cost is 1.5 times higher than the traditional cohesive silicone breast augmentation. In addition, the exclusive Divina 3D simulation instrument with the Motiva breast augmentation, and the high-standard warranty introduced by the clinic also contribute to the intangible cost of surgery. The purpose is to introduce a concept of contractual protection similar to the purchase of insurance for breast augmentation patients, transforming the traditional surgical mode, in which the consumer has to passively raise questions or needs, into a collaborative mode of implant manufacturers and surgeons, in which they proactively provide after-sales service for patients to solve the post-operative problems, so as to ensure the high success rate and satisfaction of breast augmentation surgery, and create the ultimate win-win result!

Comparison of Motiva Implant and Cohesive Silicone Implant

Motiva implant Cohesive silicone gel implants
Shape Round type Round and anatomical type
Surface Nano-textured Smooth, micro-textured, macro-textured
Content Progressive gel Round or anatomical type cohesive gel
Manufacturing process Shell and content are made as a whole structure Content is filled into the shell and then sealed
Implant flexibility Very high Low
Ergonomic effect High (Implant adapts shape with body posture) Low (the shape is relatively fixed)
Incision site Transaxillary, inframammary and periareolar Transaxillary, inframammary and periareolar
Incision length Short (within 2.5cm) Long (over 3cm)
Dissection area Limited Enlarged
Operating time Short Long
Recovery Fast (within 1 week) Slow (1-2 weeks)
Breast massage Not needed Needed (Smooth surface)
Capsular contracture Minimum (3-5%) Relatively high (textured surface 5-8%, smooth surface 10-15%)
Touch Soft and well-balanced Soft but slippy (smooth surface), elastic (textured round-shaped) or firm (textured teardrop-shaped)
Rippling or folding Very rare Likely (textured surface)
Final affirmation Within 3 months Over 3-6 months
Maximum size 775 cc 700 cc
Product history Nano wafer chip Original warranty card
Cloud registration Yes No
Post-op care pack Yes No
Implant warranty 10 years 1 year
Free revision Yes No
Written warranty contract Yes No

If you want to get the best,
choose the one who knows Motiva best,
Dr. Chia-Jung Chuang!

Motiva x Chia-Jung Chuang.MD

Despite its many advantages, the Motiva implant still relies on the skills and aesthetics of the surgeon to create a perfect breast augmentation effect! Dr. Chuang not only has many years of experience in cohesive silicone breast augmentation surgery, but also is a pioneer of Motiva implant in Taiwan. Two years before the government approved the usage of Motiva implant, Dr. Chuang went to Stockholm, Sweden, to visit the world-renowned augmentation expert Dr. Charles Randquist. In addition to learning the unique idea and technology of Motiva implant in his clinic, Dr. Chuang also discussed the experience and feedback of many Motiva augmentation surgeries with Dr. Charles Randquist. They also had an on-site verification on patients for the difference in the touch between the Motiva implant and the cohesive silicone implant. Dr. Chuang is also the first person in Taiwan’s plastic surgeons to contact the Motiva implant surgery. For this, Dr. Chuang has also established a deep friendship with Dr. Randquist.

In addition to the exhausting travel to Sweden to witness the effect of the Motiva breast augmentation, Dr. Chuang also went to the Lago del Garda in Verona, Italy, at the invitation and arrangement of the authentic manufacturers to attend the Motiva World Ergonomic Symposium 2017. During the conference, he not only listened to the wonderful speeches from many experienced doctors from Europe, but also had the opportunity to get in touch with the original R&D team to consult them about many technologies of Motiva implant. With the beautiful scenery of the lake and mountains, in addition to experiencing the world’s top level breast implant of the Motiva implant authentic manufacturer, Dr. Chuang, as the representative of Taiwan plastic surgeon, also grasped this rare opportunity to learn the first-hand experience of Motiva augmentation surgery from experts who came from Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea. He has laid the foundation for future technical exchanges under the catalysis of food and alcohol.

In order to promote the excellent technology of minimally invasive augmentation surgery in Taiwan, Dr. Chuang participated in the Motiva world summit on minimally invasive breast augmentation at the second invitation in April 2018. In the conference, he represented the Taiwan team and presented the statistics and experience about his more than 10 years of endoscopic minimally invasive augmentation surgery history, and the latest invasive breast augmentation surgery technology. This not only obtained a high recognition from experts from Japan, Korea and Europe, but also indirectly demonstrated the surgical strength of Motiva implant in Taiwan in the future. In addition to giving a speech, the authentic manufacturer also invited Dr. Chuang and other participants to preview the various technologies still in the confidential research and development, such as implant injectable gun, among others. The participants were really impressed by the continuously improving research and development of Motiva manufacturers. If there is any first-hand message in the future, we will definitely share it with you as soon as possible!

Dr. Chuang’s rich experience and cases of breast augmentation surgery has not only obtained the recognition and support from the original Motiva manufacturers, but also let international experts understand the skills and strength of our Motiva breast augmentation surgery. We believe that with his long-term research and attention, combined with his skilled breast augmentation skills and aesthetic judgment, Dr. Chuang will be able to select the most appropriate surgical method and breast size for each patient, so as to create many Motiva breasts!

Dr. Chuang was invited to participate in Motiva 2017 World Congress held in Italy.

Dr. Chuang travels to Stockholm for an exciting East-West exchange with Dr. Randquist!



Motiva x WiSH Plastic Surgery Clinic

WiSH Plastic Surgery Clinic is a professional plastic surgery and breast augmentation hospital. It has been well-known for many years. It has advanced medical equipment and modern aesthetic environment, not only making it the pioneer of private clinics in Taiwan, but also helping it obtain the certification and commission from the authentic Motiva manufacturer, so as to become a special hospital for Motiva augmentation.

In order to meet the highest standards and requirements of the authentic Motiva manufacturer, we spent a lot of money in building a complete Divina 3D simulation system (MotivaImage) to provide more accurate pre-operative simulation images of Motiva breast augmentation patients. In addition, we established private Motiva pathway mechanism for honored patients, allowing patients who have taken Motiva augmentation to have exclusive consultation space and referral room. Meanwhile, we arrange commissioner to provide immediate pre-operative and post-operative questions, so that each Motiva augmentation VIP can enjoy the one-stop top service in WiSH clinic, and enjoy the pleasure of the Motiva implant without any concern!

Motiva x 素人案例分享




我問了很多有做胸部的姊妹幾乎都說知美胸部超強,由於聽了很多姊妹們的分享,所以來知美診所跟莊醫師諮詢,莊醫師人非常親切很詳細的介紹手術方式、傷口優缺點及照顧、及材料的選擇,因為是放自己身上的,所以我決定選目前最好最安全有保固的魔滴,不用按摩觸感也較柔軟,果凍材質的部分也能較能隨著姿勢改變較自然,聽說莢膜發生的機率也比以往的材質降低了許多,完完全全就是我想要的目的和效果,傷口我也選擇最不痛也方便照顧風險最低、恢復期較快的胸下緣,而且醫師強調現在胸下緣的傷口大概只有約2公分左右,連術後都不用拆線,傷口上會貼上一層薄薄的組織膠保護而且具有防水功能 […閱讀全文]

Motiva x Wish Videos

Motiva x post-operative warranty

At present, WiSH Clinic provides the following after-sales service and warranty solutions for Motiva breast augmentation surgeries:

Diamond grade warranty

  • If there are breast asymmetry problems such as difference in heights within two years after the surgery, WiSH Clinic provides free revision service
  • If capsular contracture occurs due to Motiva augmentation within three years after the surgery, WiSH Clinic provides free revision service
  • WiSH Clinic provides half-price surgery for size adjustments of the implant within five years after the surgery
  • If the implant is leaked or broken due to non-human damage within 10 years after the surgery, WiSH Clinic provides replacement service free of material cost
  • WiSH Clinic provides free post-operative breast implant ultrasound screening service once a year
  • WiSH Clinic provides lifelong post-operative follow-up tracking service

Platinum grade warranty

  • If there are breast asymmetry problems such as difference in heights within two years after the surgery, WiSH Clinic provides free revision service
  • If capsular contracture occurs due to Motiva augmentation within three years after the surgery, WiSH Clinic provides free revision service
  • If the implant is leaked or broken due to non-human damage within 10 years after the surgery, WiSH Clinic provides replacement service free of material cost
  • WiSH Clinic provides free post-operative breast implant ultrasound screening service once every other year
  • WiSH Clinic provides lifelong post-operative follow-up tracking service

The above authorized clinics have the right to make changes. The detailed provisions are subject to the contents of the warranty contract signed before the operation

呈獻最愛,唯有魔滴 Motiva!

If you have any questions regarding Motiva implant, please feel free to contact our Motiva Customer Service Specialist, Miss Huang:

Telephone line (24-hour transfer):+886 2 27762360

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