Long-acting Aquamid Injection

Aquamid is a new-generation subcutaneous injection gel developed and produced by the Ferrosan (a Danish company) and has been used for over a decade in clinics. It was initially used for the correction of congenital or acquired soft tissue defects, and in recent years, it has been made into an injection for micro-plastic purposes. Till date, no adverse reactions have been reported; thus, it is a highly safe and long-acting agent. It is a formulation of 97.5% water for injection and 2.5% persistent cross-linked polyacrylamide and produces an elasticity and soft touch similar to the skin and a high biocompatibility. Because Aquamid is not predisposed to be absorbed or metabolized by the human body, the results persist for 4–6 years. Nevertheless, as the 2.5% polyacrylamide is a synthetic chemical, many people are concerned about its safety of long-term emplacement in human body and frequently connect it with prior illegally injected liquid silicone gel or polyacrylamide hydrogel. According to the analysis on the structure of Aquamid, tiny amounts of polyacrylamide molecules are tightly wrapped by the water molecules, and they do not contact or react with human tissues, which, in light of the proportion between injection dose and body water, would be gradually diluted in the following years and excreted out of the human body. Therefore, as long as the injection method and dose are within the dose recommended by the manufacturer, it does not lead to human body injury, so it is a long-acting alternative for patients unwilling to undergo repeated injections of hyaluronic acids.

Aquamid has a prolonged action and natural touch and presents a feel similar to hyaluronic acid but with a several times longer duration of effects, so it is widely applied and achieves remarkable correction for the sculpting of facial hard bones (such as the chin), filling of skin depression (such as the cheek, temples, or submalar triangle), or filling of skin grooves or lines (such as nasolabial or marionette lines). Moreover, Aquamid fixates the polyacrylamide in the injection site by water bonds and barriers, and if injected at a proper dose, it does not induce sequelae of deformities or dislocations reported by the use liquid silicone gel injections and offers a natural and soft touch similar to the real skin. Therefore, whether used to replace the temporary results of hyaluronic acids or sculpt long-term surgical results, Aquamid is the optimal injection option.

Foreign long-term clinical applications demonstrate that Aquamid is a very safe long-acting injection implant if conscientiously and appropriately used. Dr. Chuang has been certified by the Danish manufacturer and possesses several years of experience in using this formulation. Dr. Chuang offers patients the correct evaluation and safe injection treatment.


Aquamid can be used to replace Hyaluronic Acid with a longer and more stable result.

Duration of Result


General instructions




  • Avoid the injection along with other medicines to avoid rejection or infection.
  • Avoid excess injections that may heighten skin load or cause skin sagging.
  • It is contraindicated for patients with acute or infectious skin diseases at the affected area or immune disorders.

Site of injection

  • Sculpting of face contour (such as rhinoplasty and jaw plastics)
  • Skin depression
  • Groove and line filling (such as the cheeks, temples, submalar triangle, or nasolabial folds)

Potential Complications

  • Skin redness
  • Infection
  • Drug spreading