Belly Button Surgery (Umbilicoplasty)

As the clothing style of females has changed in recent years, the shape of the navel is also gradually becoming a concern for those aspiring beauty; it is even considered to be a sign of sexiness, so belly button surgery becomes indispensable for a perfect stature of body. Because the navel is a remnant of the umbilical cord from birth but with no function during adulthood, belly button surgery is primarily concentrated on the correction of a congenital or an acquired navel deformity due to umbilical hernia or pregnancy. In clinic, belly button surgery is most frequently conducted as a part of tummy tuck to preserve the appearance and integrity of the original navel. The causes of a navel deformity include congenital abdominal muscle weakness, umbilical prominence, navel inflammation, navel ring infection, abdominal surgery scar, or umbilical looseness from pregnancy, which should first be determined by the physician before choosing an appropriate surgery to correct it. The surgical method and design vary along with individual conditions, but they should conform to the principle of restoring a round and deep navel. Currently, two methods are available at WiSH Clinic:

Umbilical Reduction