Clients from ChinaForeigner’s Guide - Chinaor JapanForeigner’s Guide - Japan – arrive at Taipei Songshan international Airport

  • City bus: take the 262/262bus at the city bus station at the airport, and get off at Shimin Dunhua stop (5 stations, approximately 9 min).Then, walk for 793 m (approximately10 min) to arrive at the clinic.
  • Airport taxi: taxi station at the departure hall; one-way fare from the airport to the clinic is less than NTD 150.

⇨ Website for flight information at Taipei Songshan Airport: GO

Clients from southeast AsiaForeigner’s Guide - Southeast Asia、North AmericaForeigner’s Guide - North America、AustraliaForeigner’s Guide - Australia、EuropeForeigner’s Guide - Europeand other countries – Taoyuan International Airport

  • Airport taxi: taxi station at the departure hall; one-way fare from the airport to the clinic is less than NTD 1200.
  • Airport bus: take the FreeGoBus 5502 at the passenger counter inside the departure hall or the CitiAir east line bus 1960 to Taipei city, and get off at MRT Zhongxiaofuxing stop. Then, take the MRT Bannan line (blue line) to Zhongxiao Dunhua stop (exit 2), and walk for approximately 50 m to arrive at the clinic (approximately 3 min).

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⇨ Timetable of the airport bus: GO
⇨ Website for the Taipei MRT roadmap: GO

VIP airport pickup and drop-off service

We also provide VIP airport pickup and drop-off services so that you may have a special driver to accompany you to the hotel or clinic after customs clearance. If you need such a service, please contact our customer service representative at +886 227769306.


Transportation and accommodation in Taipei are not expensive. Nevertheless, as the number of foreign tourists is on the rise, hotel reservation tends to become increasingly difficult, so we recommend that patients make reservations as soon as possible. You may consider the following hotels that are near our clinic for the convenience of subsequent postoperative visits and transportation:

Alternatively, you can consider other hotels from the Taipei travel website: GO

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All customer service staffs of our clinic can speak in Chinese and English. In case of any requirement, you can call our foreign client service direct line. Our English representatives would answer your question:

Foreign Client Service Hotline:+886 2 27762360
E-mail Consultation Theresa Huang email:[email protected]
LINE ID:@wishclinic


For you to know about various operation contents and charges before coming to Taiwan, you can visit our online consultation webpage and rapid cost estimation system or directly send your question to the special client email of Dr. Chuang:

[email protected],Dr. Chuang would answer your question as soon as possible within 3 days.


You may complete the outpatient or surgery appointment by our online appointment system or by making a direct call to our appointment special lines, and our special representatives will help you. Moreover, we provide immediate services to enable foreign clients to undergo the surgery on the same day of their visit to shorten your stay. If you have such a need, please confirm your date and time of arrival in Taipei 1 month in advance so that we can arrange the operation and other relevant matters.

Consultation special line: +886 2 27769306  /  +886 2 2774109

Appointment special line: +886 2 27762360

Consultation e-mail:[email protected]

*These special lines are available from 09:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday and from 09:00 to 17:00 on Saturday. If you need a reply outside our business hours, please call our 24-h service line: (+886) 0912-584-822

Online Appointment:Consultation Appointment Surgery Appointment



Foreign clients need to pay a deposit of 10% of the overall surgery expenses if they want to reserve the surgery time, and the remaining amount needs to be paid on the day of surgery. In case of an emergency that prevents you from coming, please revoke your appointment 3 days in advance and the deposit will be saved for your next surgery or fully refunded to you.


The preferred form of payment is cash, either in NT currency, Euros, or Dollars. In case of payment in foreign currency, the exchange rate should be taken into account. If cash is inconvenient to you, we also accept international wire transfers or credit card payment. For details about the beneficiary bank and account, please directly email our representative Ms. Theresa Huang:

Email:[email protected]

Credit card

We also accept credit card payment, but a commission fee of 3% of the total expense will be added. In addition, limited by the provisions of local financial systems, some credit cards may be unable to be used. Please confirm the relevant rights with the issuance bank or bring some cash in case of need.

Foreign currency conversion

You can convert foreign currency at the counter of Bank of Taiwan at the airport or at local banks.

Note that all the banks are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. To know more about the foreign exchange rate between foreign currencies and the NT currency, please check at:

Surrounding scenic spots

WiSH Clinic is located at the most bustling business district of east Taipei city, and you and your family members should make a short visit and tour numerous surrounding scenic spots during your stay.