An esthetic feast commences the moment you enter WiSH Clinic!

White, fashion, simplicity, and brightness are the first impressions made on you. The spatial design breaks away from the stereotype of traditional clinics, and under the high-standard guidance and requirements of Dr. Chuang, the designer Nic Lee set the avant-garde binary concept as the keynote of rigid geometric lines, which connotes the practicality and meticulousness of medical science and technology. This is also the “square” and “straight” reasonable concept, which, combined with the furniture selected by Dr. Chuang, conveys our humanitarian care and amiableness and represents the sensibility and passion of “circle” and “shape.” The ingenious encounter and fusion of such two-dimensional deconstructionism correspond to the wisdom and compromise of the sense and sensibility of plastic surgery and also represent the synchronous progress of medical science and technology and humanitarian care, which embodies the service belief and concept upheld at WiSH Clinic.

Besides the use of advanced elements to foster the clean, modern, and bright ambience at the clinic, the experimental concept that integrates the clinic and art gallery design has also been acknowledged and backed by numerous foreign designers, such as the young Swedish designer Jangir Maddadi for art guidance and the Spanish furniture designer Veronica Martinez for spatial decoration. This artistic furniture elevates the taste of the whole clinic and materializes a creation in work and life. Apart from the uniquely designed furniture, the display of art works in the public space is more stunning!

Atmosphere - An esthetic feast commences the moment you enter WiSH Clinic!
Atmosphere - Will Clift

Will Clift “Over and Under Suspended” for Wish Clinic 2014

Dr. Chuang entrusted the American contemporary artist Will Clift to forge four abstract sculptures in a human image. The floatation of lines in the air connotes the perspective imagination and indefinite expectation of plastic surgeries, while the creation axis of “form in balance” subtly echoes the concept of “balance” and “no trace” that Dr. Chuang upholds for surgeries. Additionally, the renowned French artist Patrick Richard, also under the invitation of Dr. Chuang, created three unique sets of human body windows, based on funny miniatures and plaster sculptures, allowing viewers to return to their fearless childhood and investing interests full of boundless imagination and storytelling into plastic surgeries that deserve to be appreciated and relished.

As the old saying “by looking at the house decoration, we can know the taste of the house owner” goes, Dr. Chuang’s inputs to the working environment also demonstrate his ardor and carefulness. WiSH Clinic is the first private practice harmoniously integrating esthetics, arts, and medical care. It is like a gallery of art works but also full of boundless imagination in the pursuit of beauty. We would like to share with you good things and taste without reserve. Entering WiSH Clinic is like tasting a cup of aromatic wine and is memorable even if it is a short sojourn. Dr. Chuang and our team sincerely welcome your visits to make you indispensable in the platform of fashion, thus making our elaborate background and ambience more perfectly displayed!