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Plastic surgery

EyeNoseBone reductionChinForeheadLipNasolabial foldSubmalar triangleFaceliftCheek augmentationComposite facial surgeryScarDermabrasionOthers

Breast augmentationBreast liftBreast reductionNippleAreolaBreast reconstructionAccessory breastGynecomastiaOthers

LiposuctionCalf reductionAbdominoplastyFat injectionHip augmentationGenital organ surgeryTranssexual surgeryOthers

Mini-invasive procedure

BotoxHyaluronic acidRadiesseAquamidSculptraLipolysisOthers

RhytidectomySlim faceCalf reductionNasal bridge augmentationChin augmentationNasolabial foldCheek augmentationSubmalar triangle augmentationTemple augmentationInjection liftOthers

Speckle removalMole removalScar removalWhiteningTighteningHair removalTattoo removalOthers


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Supplementary instructions

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