Mandible Bone Shaving

This procedure is mainly designed for patients who have very mild mandible protrusion or outward expansion and who do not need to undergo bone resection but want to soften the contour of their lower faces. This procedure is very similar to the mandible reduction. Dr. Chuang will cut open a 3-cm incision in the lower gum and then, grind off the protruding or outward extending parts of the mandible with a high-speed electric burring system until both sides are symmetric. The goal of this procedure is to soften the jawline contour or improve the condition of the fleshy lower face, without reducing the real width of the face. Its result on face slimming is not obvious; the face width can be reduced to a maximum of approximately 0.3–0.5 cm on each side, which is similar to the result of a long-term botulinum toxin injection. This surgery is suitable only for patients with a slightly wide face who do not want to substantially change their face shape or repeatedly have botulinum toxin injections. For enhancing the surgical result, Dr. Chuang usually combines the partial removal of the masseter muscle with this surgery to achieve the stable result of face slimming and avoid the possibility of bone regeneration in the future due to constant dragging of the masseter muscle.

Surgical conditions


  • Type of anesthesia: General anesthesia
  • Type of incision: Intraoral lower gum (3 cm)
  • Recovery: 3–5 days
  • Removal of stitches: N/A

General instructions

No food and water on the day of surgery

  • Extensive opening of mouth or consumption of very hard food and fruits should be avoided for 1 month postoperatively.
  • Force on the force or squeezing of the face should be avoided for 3 months postoperatively.
  • Over-chewing should be avoided to prevent hyperosteogeny or bone regrowth.

Ideal candidates

  • Those with mild wide lower faces but who do not want to extensively change their face shape.
  • Those who have normal face widths with mild protrusive mandible angles in the side view.
  • Those with slightly outward expanded mandibles and hypertrophic masseter muscles.
  • Those with congenital asymmetric mandibles (bone shaving on one side).
  • Those whose previous mandible surgery resulted in asymmetric shape or incomplete correction.
  • Those who have hypertrophic masseter muscles but with an unobvious slimming result of botulinum toxin injection.
  • Those who will not receive long-term or repeat Botulinum toxin injections to treat their hypertrophic masseter muscles.

Potential complications

  • Temporary chin numbness
  • Asymmetric mouth movement
  • Bone regrowth
  • Uneven bite force of the masseter muscle

Surgical advantages

  1. The procedure is simple; tissue damage is less; postoperative recovery is fast.

  2. The surgical result is very natural because the mandible contour and angle are not artificially changed.

  3. The surgical result of face slimming is permanent, and botulinum toxin injections are not required in the future.

Surgical drawbacks

  1. Bone regeneration and partial bone regrowth are possible in the future.

  2. The result of face slimming is limited, and this procedure is not suitable for patients with a typical square-shaped face.

  3. Damage to the masseter muscles can cause uneven bite force or teeth malocclusion.

Possible procedures in conjunction

Before & After

These photographs represent typical results, but not everyone who undergoes plastic surgery will achieve the same.

Mandible Bone Shaving – Female