Bone Reduction-associated Surgeries

Because almost all facial contouring surgeries entail detaching skin from attached bones, soft tissue stretching, reattachment, as well as the speed of edema reduction can change skin elasticity and laxity. This situation will not be inevitable; however, in old or obese patients with existing loose skin, it can truly be predicted before surgery. Currently, the new concept for resolving this potential issue in such patients is simultaneously performing regional face lift in combination with bone reductions to prevent postoperative cheek sagging or to avoid performing another facial lift in a short time period, which will not only increase the risk of multiple procedures but also prolong the recovery time and incur inconvenience to patients.

To effectively solve the problem of skin loosening derived from bone cutting, Dr. Chuang provides several regional facelift procedures, which will be simultaneously performed with bone cutting or performed as a backup plan for enhancing skin tightness after a period of surgeries. These surgeries only cause a small incision with a mild range of trauma so that recovery is fast; besides, they do not have extra risk or recovery burden on bone cutting. The main goal of facial bone reduction combined with regional face lift is preventing postoperative skin loosening or sagging on the face or neck and effectively giving prominence to the reconstructed facial bone contour. In this manner, patients should not only have a perfect facial contour but also quickly restore their skin elasticity.

Regional Midface Lift

Jawline Lift

Buccal Fat Pad Removal