Barbed Thread Lift

For patients without very serious sagging or loose skin, an invasive face lift surgeries may be too early to be considered, not to mention the fear for scars and longer downtime from invasive surgeries.  Tread Lift surgery, though results not as obvious or long-lasting, has become increasingly popular as a simpler and non-invasive alternative to correct early stage sagging.  In fact the thread lift surgery has been clinically performed for over 20 years.  However, in the early years of this surgery, due to limitation of few choices and instability of thread materials causing problems such as infection, thread reveling, and unbalanced pulling strength, it has brought concerns to most plastic surgeons as a trusted method.  Fortunately,   the surgery has undergone several modifications, and continuous improvements in suture thread materials.  With increasing safety and reliability, thread lift has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and therefore gained popularity.  WiSH Clinic provide the following two types of thread lift for patients at different ages and conditions: The Silhouette Lift and The Quill Thread Lift.

Quill Thread Lift

Silhouette Lift

Comparison of Silhouette Lift and Quill Thread Lift

Silhouette Lift Quill Thread Lift
Ideal Candidate Patients with mild to moderate face sagging,prone to scars,and those wish to sculpt a V-shaped face contour Patients with mild to moderate cheek or nasolabial fold sagging. Supplementary to traditional facelifts
Type of Anesthesia IV sedation + local anesthesia IV sedation + local anesthesia
Age 30-50 years old 30-60 years old
Range of Lift Wide (All parts of face) Mainly for midface or cheeks
Nature of Lift Distant Lift Distant Lift
Surgical Incision 1.5cm on scalp+3~4 needle spots on face 1.5cm on scalp+4~6 needle spots on face
Material Used Non- resorbable lift sutures + resorbable poly L-lactic acid cones Resorbable sutures
How it works Isometric cone 360 degrees directional suspension Lifting and suspending loose skin upward by embedding the threads at multiple points
Surgical results Tight Natural
Removal of Skin None None
Nerve Injury None None
Period of Recovery 3~5 days 3~5 days
Collagen Stimulation High Low
Persistence Approx. 3~5 years Approx. 1~2 years
Body  Reason Probable Probable
Combination with other Facelifts None Yes