Mini-invasive Double Eyelid Surgery

This is also called Korean-style double eyelid surgery because Koreans originally excel in creating natural double eyelids by a delicate surgical technique via a minimal incision, which underlies the essence of mini-invasive double eyelid surgery. This technique involves the use of microsurgery devices to fixate the double eyelids via the small incision and does not require the resection of excess eyelid skins, so the postoperative time for the swelling to subside and recover is halved compared with that of traditional full incision surgeries. Besides, it accommodates the durability of the double eyelids and does not cause severe complications such as being unable to close the eyes or eyelids of distinctly unequal sizes. Even if there is mild asymmetry, it is easily managed by fine adjustment. Therefore, mini-invasive surgery amounts to the optimal surgical technique that ensures double eyelid naturalness and safety in young patients. Meanwhile, many patients also simultaneously undergo medial canthoplasty (epicanthoplasty) to achieve extreme results of enlarged eyes and profound eyelids. Dr. Chuang provides the following Korean-style mini-invasive double eyelid surgeries:

Half-incision Method

Triple Micro-incision Method