Ectropion Correction

Palpheral ectropion is caused by numerous causes, most frequently by scar adhesion or skin shortage (approximately 80%) after lower blepharoplasty. However, it is also caused by traumatic or aging low eyelid atrophy (20%). Its treatment is not limited to surgery but should be determined based on the severity of palpebral ectropion. Generally, mild ectropion such as the eyelash line lower than the eyelid or inferior white eyeballs only slightly exposed (when looking straight ahead) can be treated by conservative management like the application of cosmetic tapes to the lower eyelid for 3 months. If skin elasticity is naturally restored, there is no need for surgical adjustment; otherwise, in case of prolonged or severe palpebral ectropion that results in the obvious exposure of palpebral red flesh (scleral show) or affected vision, tear drainage, or causes acute or chronic conjunctivitis, patients should consider undergoing revision surgery to improve the problem.

Different techniques of correction surgery are optional in light of individual cases of ectropion cause, skin tightness and elasticity, and severity of symptoms. Currently, Dr. Chuang offers the following surgical methods:

Lower Eyelid Suspension Combined With Lateral Canthopexy

Autologous Tendon Sling

Free Skin Graft