3D Sculptra Injection

3D Sculptra injection, also called “youthful appearance injection,” “injection facelift,” or “liquid facelift,” is a non-surgical skin tightening therapy. Its formulation mainly comprises poly-L-lactic acids (PLLAs), which has been widely used for producing absorbable sutures for over 30 years and has been validated to be highly biocompatible and nontoxic in clinics before it was developed into a stimulant of skin tissue collagen. PLLA is homogenously injected into the subcutaneous dermis and fat layer to trigger skin chronic inflammatory reactions and stimulate collagen aggregation reproduction to obtain effects of enhancing skin elasticity and plumpness. Besides skin thickening and tightening, Sculptra makes the skin delicate and smooth due to the stimulation of collagen, which offers additional effects of skin whitening and sleeking.

Sculptra stimulates the natural regeneration of collagen and simultaneously thickens and tightens the skin. It is used for the purposes of depression filling and sagginess correction, which are not achieved by other subcutaneous injection fillers (such as hyaluronic acids or collagen). It is indicated for young mature female patients whose skin collagen starts to loosen and also for long-term skin care or delay of aging. Besides, the results are more marked if it is administered at a younger age. Because it needs subcutaneous fats as a permeation matrix, Sculptra is injected at sites with thick skin or sufficient fats, such as the cheeks, submalar triangle, nasolabial folds, marionette lines or temples, to stimulate collagen reproduction. Moreover, the forehead, lips, nasal bridge, or periorbital area are contraindicated; otherwise, it will cause subcutaneous lumps or nodules. Therefore, patients should learn more about its properties and indications from the physician before injection and should select an appropriate site of injection to fully benefit from the effects of Sculptra.

A standard course of Sculptra comprises 3 injections, 1-2 vials at each time given in 1-month intervals. It is injected into the subcorium and fat layer, and an excessively shallow injection induces skin lumping or inflammation and stimulates collagen reproduction. Treatment results gradually emerge within 2 weeks, and after the completion of the whole course, the results last for an average of 12–18 months. During this period, in case of any deficiency, the patient can undergo supplementary injection to revitalize the skin collagen. Sculptra is the most convenient collagen stimulant.

Duration Of Treatment Results

On Average (Complete Course)

General Instructions




  • Massage the affected sites every day for 1 week postoperatively to prevent subcutaneous lumping.
  • Avoid the injection along with other medicines or other subcutaneous injection fillers to avoid rejection or inflammation.
  • Do not inject it into thin-skinned sites to prevent the presence of visible subcutaneous nodules.
  • It is contraindicated for patients with acute or infectious skin diseases at the affected area or immune disorders.

Site Of Injection

  • Cheek or temple depressions
  • Grooves and lines such as the submalar triangle
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines

Potential Complications

  • Temporary skin redness
  • Lumping
  • Skin rashes

Before & After