G-spot Injection

This technique is mainly targeted for patients who have never experienced a G-spot orgasm or who are uncertain about the suitability of surgical emplacement as they utilize a rapid and simple injection to ascertain the possible location of the G-spot and test the presence of a G-spot orgasm by themselves, thus facilitating reference and judgment for subsequent surgical correction. Regarding injection materials, purified fats harvested from other body parts or high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (Sub-Q) readily available are optional. The G-spot injection highlights the prediction of G-spot location and existence. Dr. Chuang will first visually predict and localize the G-spot location and then inject adequate fat cells or hyaluronic acid into the inferior vaginal mucosa around the G-spot. Then, the injection site will immediately present obvious prominence and dilation to facilitate the male genitals in stimulating the G-spot during sexual intercourse, thus increasing the probability of a female orgasm. Nevertheless, the fats or hyaluronic acid injected into G-spot may rapidly diminish in effect due to friction or the compression of sexual behaviors, and the results prolong for approximately 4–6 months on average; therefore, patients need to receive repeated injections or undergo relatively long-acting G-spot implantation surgery if they want to maintain the effect.

Surgical conditions


  • Type of anesthesia: IV sedation + local anesthesia
  • Surgical incision: Injection needle holes adjacent to the G-spot
  • Recovery: 1–2 days
  • Removal of stitches: No

General instructions

No food and water on the day of surgery

  • Avoid the surgery during the menstrual period.
  • Avoid sexual behaviors and compression to the affected site for 2 weeks postoperatively.
  • Try to avoid hard items from stimulating the vagina for 3 months postoperatively.

Ideal candidates

  • Patients who have never experienced a G-spot orgasm
  • Those who are uncertain about prior experience of G-spot orgasm and plan for a self-test
  • Those who have not experienced an orgasm during the latter course of sexual behaviors
  • Those who undergo G-spot injection to facilitate the differential diagnosis of female apathy
  • Those who undergo G-spot injection as a preliminary test prior to G-spot emplacement

Potential complications

  • Autologous fat or hyaluronic acid advanced loss
  • Vaginal lumps
  • Results short of expectation

Surgical advantages

  1. The operation is simple and does not need a recovery period.

  2. The result is immediate.

  3. Patients may not need to undergo surgery to experience a G-spot orgasm.

  4. The surgery improves the quality of sexual intercourse and enhances male and female intimacy.

  5. The potential causes of sexual apathy in some females are eliminated.

  6. Ineffective G-spot surgery is avoided by a simple preoperative self-test.

  7. Injections are repeatedly given without any limitation in the future.

Surgical drawbacks

  1. The injection results may be ineffective or short of expectation.

  2. Abundant or multiple injections may be required to notice the results.

  3. Autologous fat or hyaluronic acid at the G-spot is likely to be absorbed quickly.

  4. An injection may need to be repeatedly given, and the economic benefit is lower than that of a permanent G-spot surgery.

Possible procedures in conjunction