Jowl and Neck Liposuction

The causes of double jowls are numerous and include chin skin laxity due to congenital jawbone retraction or developmental defects (original small mandible), facial and neck skin sagging, or fat accumulation from obesity. If confirmed as the result of fat accumulation at the chin, double jowls can be fixed by liposuction. To avoid the probability of skin laxity caused by traditional liposuction, Dr. Chuang utilizes the Ultra-Z lipolysis machine to emulsify superficial fats and then mini-siphons them to remove fats by liposuction machine. This method not only effectively removes superficial fats at the chin and neck but also coagulates collagen and fiber tissues peripheral to the affected site based on the thermal effect of ultrasonic waves, which facilitates skin tightening and effectively avoids skin laxity or loosening after liposuction. Moreover, liposuction only requires a 2-mm incision at the bottom of the chin or earlobes, and if the patient has concurrent buccal hypertrophy, liposuction extends to the face and is completed in one surgery.

Surgical conditions


  • Type of anesthesia: IV sedation + local anesthesia or general anesthesia
  • Type of incision: A 2-mm incision at the bottom of the chin or earlobes
  • Recovery: Within 3–5 days
  • Removal of stitches: 5 days

General instructions

No food and water on the day of surgery

  • Compress the face and neck with an elastic bandage for 24 h postoperatively.
  • Wear a head garment for 1 week postoperatively to promote the tightening and adhesion of jaw skin.
  • Avoid violent turning of the neck for 1 month postoperatively.

Ideal candidates

  • Patients with jaw skin thicker than 1 cm
  • Those with thick jaw skin and combined skin laxity
  • Those with loose jaw skin or an overtly flat jaw angle due to a short chin
  • Those whose jawline is concealed by a fat cheek and neck
  • Those who wish for an obvious mandible angle and jawline

Possible complications

  • Skin pigmentation (temporary)
  • Results short of expectation
  • Skin depression

Surgical advantages

  1. Surgical recovery is fast, and the results are natural.

  2. Liposuction of superficial fats at the chin and neck is safe and free from side effects.

  3. Ultrasonic liposuction achieves the dual effects of fat removal and skin tightening.

Surgical drawbacks

  1. There may be a difference in chin slimming results due to individual skin conditions.

  2. An excessively superficial liposuction may lead to skin depression or irregularities.

  3. The results may be indistinct for patients with a retracted or short jawbone.

Before & After

These photographs represent typical results, but not everyone who undergoes plastic surgery will achieve the same.

Jowl And Neck Liposuction – Female

Jowl And Neck Liposuction – Male