Happy New Year! Doing a quick review for the small enhancements I did last March in Taipei Wish clinic. It was my 2nd time there so I won’t be doing too much introduction to the clinic & doctor, you can find my previous posts here.


Basically after about 8 years since I’ve gotten my (incisional) double eyelids + ptosis, and rhinoplasty done, this was a “follow-up” to readjust my eyes & nose a little.

After some time I realised I’d have preferred a more natural look, and a lower nose bridge. Besides that, I also did notice my nose tip shrinking over time. I take that as a ‘wear n tear’ situation. That was the main reason why I wanted a revision, so I reached out to Dr Chuang and booked an appointment for surgery.

If you can see here, the left is the kind of shape I wanted for my side profile. With a low nose bridge, enhancing the S-curve from forehead, to nose bridge, to the tip of my nose. And also to lengthen the tip, restoring to it original length when I first gotten my previous rhinoplasty (similar to the pic on the left basically).
Summary of what I did for my new NOSE:
I lowered my nose bridge, lengthened my tip, streamlined my nose bridge.
Dr Chuang used a piece of flesh extracted from the line of my butt cheeks (this area to keep it hidden) for my nose tip. My nose tip used to be a little pinkish/red easily due to the skin/flesh being thin so it had to be padded again. I also extracted some balance perm fillers (silicon) left on the right side of my nose bridge – please do not do ANY perm fillers!!!
If you can see from my frontal shot (above), the nose bridge for me was also a little on the thicker side and this was the reason why I wanted to streamline it further YET without being overly thin. Doctor Chuang also said this could be achieved easily, with just a thinner implant. (FYI, he uses goretex implants and I am returning to him bcuz’ doctors in SG does not seem to practice using this implant type and I was rejected haha)
Summary of what I did for my FACE:
The little triangle markings on the sides of my nose, were for paranasal implants. Those things would smooth out deep smile lines, but its not 100% – it’ll improve the lines about 40-50%. Incision was from under the mouth, with dissolvable stitches. I gave it a go since Doctor Chuang recommended this procedure, and I trust him for his eye of beauty.
I also did lateral canthopexy, it is to lengthen the ends of my eye. My eye whites show too little, so I wanted to widen it for a brighter/bigger eye look. The effects are not very obvious, it is very subtle.
Last look at my old nose and we went off for the surgery. Everything was done under sedation, no GA was involved. It took about 3-4 hours to complete? (I can’t quite rem the exact duration, but it went smoothly) I woke up quite shortly after and had my fruits after I woke up. I felt VERY OKAY (no signs of nauseaness) and in NO PAIN. I was able to walk to 7-11 (as usual), buy food, and take a cab back to my b&b apartment.
Post-Op Updates:
My nose was really swollen when the bandages came off, but this is usually normal for rhinoplasty to look like an Avartar character. Side profile looks great from right after the op, I was patiently waiting for my nose to de-swell.
I would visit the clinic every other day to use this, the yellow light therapy would help to deswell & it possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can help calm and soothe. 30 minutes each time and I’ll be off to shopping & food hunting again.
Stitches were removed in a week, except for the dissolvable ones within my mouth as they didn’t need to be removed. Once again I was really pleased with Dr Chuang’s recommendations and his skills. I actually was also keen in a lip lift/philtrum shortening, but Dr Chuang says I couldn’t do it this trip and only able to do so 1 year post-op from my rhinoplasty. This is bcuz’ the incisions are the same spots hence I’ll need to fully recover before getting a lip lift. Anyone has experiences with this procedure kindly share if you don’t mind, I am so keen!
Fast forward 3 months later:
This is my before & after, with after on the left and before on the right. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my side profile especially, the S-curve is SO SO SO gorg!!! Frontal wise I am still patiently waiting for the nose bridge to slim down further – usually takes up to a year for nose to fully deswell!
You can also take a closer look, my smile lines are less deep already!
And the whites of my eyes are a showing a little more, exactly all that I wanted!
I wanted to highlight this, many people who did Lateral Canthoplasty usually have their eyelids stick back together again after some time. Dr Chuang explained with Lateral Canthopexy, he needs to anchor the opening with an additional step and this would make the results perm. As you can see, my eyes still look the same many months later. So I would def recommend this over ‘canthoplasty’.
LOVE my side profile, I get so much compliments!
Gone are the days of high nose bridges!
Curvey side profiles makes the face look more feminine IMO.
Lastly, a frontal shot taken 9 months post-op.

I hope this has come in useful for those of you planning to get similar procedures done. If you need more info on the clinic, as I mentioned at the start you can find them in my old posts (tho they were dated 8 years ago!). This is part 2 & part 3 of my 3 part blog posts… (old ones!!)

If you have any questions you can find me on IG/TT @Vannytelly , I did also pin some videos of my time there in Taipei up. Good bye for now! :)

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