[2nd Rhinoplasty Revision; 2 weeks post-op update]
Honestly speaking nothing much to update as of now cuz’ did you know for nose 👃 to FULLY DESWELL after rhinoplasty it can take from 6-12 months? I still pretty much look like avatar now. 🥲😂
BUT, I’m already loving my side profile as I removed my nose bridge to have a curvature that looks softer & more feminine. 🥰
To put it in detail, here’s what I did EXACTLY:
– nose revision
– removed old implant and put in a new one (Goretex)
– narrowed the implant slightly to streamline nose width
– removed nose bridge (it’s my own bridge now)
– grafted a lil’ more ear 👂 cartilage from both sides to lengthen nose tip slightly (I have the tendency to absorb my own cartilage, lengthened it slight to cater room for absorption)
– added flesh from my butt 🍑 to my nose tip as a padding/support (to prevent squaring/edging of tip)
– removed residual permanent filler that caused a lump (suspect it’s silicone)
– done under sedation and used open technique
If you understand you’d understand, if not then abit bobian when my nose is better I’ll try to make another visual video to explain. 😅
Also shouts out to my surgeon Dr Chuang from 知美整形外科診所 🇹🇼 I can’t wait to see my new nose soon!!!!

Source: Vannytelly Facebook Video