🇸🇬✈️🇹🇼 Hi guys, just a quick update and proper reveal. So we are all okay and healing well post surgery. Actually I’ve been wanting to get this nose revision done for the longest time and been dropping hints. – The main reason I’m doing this revision is cuz’ of some redness & also the high nose bridge which I wanted to lower, and lastly streamline the whole nose’s width. – Sometimes it’s not that we are addicted to plastics, which maybe a lot of ppl (unacquainted to ps) might think so. It’s more like do already then you’d know what you really want, I’m not joking. Also, some times after healing the outcome may be diff and it’s entirely different for everyone. 😅– Now knowing what I really want and I’ve properly communicated with Doctor Chuang, I’m really hoping this could be my last nose 👃 job! – I’ve also added 2 more mini surgeries to enhance my look: Lateral Canthopexy (widen my round eyes), and Paranasal Implants (to iron out 60% of my laugh lines). – Came back to 知美整形外科診所 cuz’ I trust Doctor 👨🏻‍⚕️ Chuang who knew my conditions much better than anyone else, and also I felt very comfortable staying in this area & coming back to the clinic. – Will share more of before & after progresses when it’s time. So stay tuned! In the meantime if you have questions, feel free to comment! 💕✨

Source: Vannytelly Facebook Video